Saturday, July 21, 2007

Web Service Problems

* Namespace is very important when you want to convert your xml to the class that has been provided by web service (WSDL)

* You need to add the namespace from the document

* add namespace in your serialization object
Serialization aSer = new Serialization(typeof(YOUR_OBJECT_NAME), _

dim aSer as new Serialization(GetType(YOUR_OBJECT_NAME), _


Friday, July 6, 2007

.Net 1.1 migrating to .Net 2.0 issue

Problem: Your directory will be included in the projects

Discussion: Some times.. you need to backup 1 of your UI design in .NET 1.1
because you need to experiment a new design...

in .NET 1.1, It will be fine because... unless you include that file, it won't included into your project...

However.. in .NET 2.0... your project will automatically include them into your folder... and as a result when you compile,, it will raise an error... because there is duplicate.. aspx which refer to the same dll...

Solution: Right click >Exclude from projects


Problem: You have several plugins in the previous version

This is what happen to my previous projects...
We have several plugins that enhanced our systems.

In .net 1.1 we just build several plugins in different project because we have several developers without a version controls... so we can shared the workload in our teams easily.

and After the plugins finished we just copy the dll into the bin folder and copy the aspx file into the project...

However, We can not do this anymore... because in .NET 2.0. all the dll.. will be compiled into dynamic name such as webApp_XXXXX.dll.

So if there is update on 1 of our plugins, we need to copy the aspx as well...
How about if it builds with the same name?

I tried to rename the .dll name and the aspx @page directive to refer to that dll... But It didn't work anymore..

You can try to publish using static name... (default.aspx.dll)

but it will make a dll for each aspx page...
And It will cause alot of problems...

Solution: One of the solutions is you need to combine all your plugins into 1 project except.. library which you and add the static reference.

Because .Net 2.0 Now has support multi languange into the same projects.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Oracle Issues

Problems : Oracle DSN Connection with IIS
[IM004] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed

when trying to open DSN Connection from IIS

Possible Solution:
* Give permission to
IUSR_mycomputername and IWAM_mycomputername to read oracle/Bin folder


Problems : Java Gone after install Oracle
Can not compile your Java Code anymore after Install Oracle
* It caused by oracle has been change the classpath which used by your java compiler

Possible Solution:
* Delete the oracle Classpath from System Path from System/EnvironmentVariable

TIFF 2 PDF Error

Problem: GDI+ Error
It usually happens when Tiff2PDF.dll trying to convert Tiff image to PDF

Make sure directory has the write permission
* Documents Folder in filewiseWeb must have ASPNET and IIS_WP permission to write


Problem: Can not find dll

*Register tiff2pdf.dll
*Put t2pdf.h into system32
Install TiffDll50